Mr. Radar’s Beatles Party: Part 1

Mr. Radar turned 30 on Sunday. I thought it merited a really, really big party. In February, I set about planning Mr. Radar’s party. I knew I wanted to throw a theme party, but nothing seemed to fit quite right. I proposed a Speakeasy. But that wasn’t Mr. Radar at all. I thought about a Hawaiian Luau or a BBQ bash. While watching Gilmore Girls, I had a Eureka moment. Long time readers will know that some of my best ideas come from the Gilmore Girls. It was the end of the 6th season this time, when Rory throws Logan the most amazing Old Blighty bash.

And so, Mr. Radar had a Beatles party.  Complete with Mustaches.

The food was also Beatles inspired.  I solicited help from Foodpickle, and many of my friends on Food52 came to the rescue. I also found the #eatthebeatles Twitter hash tag extremely useful. Helpful foodpicklers suggested turning “Let it Be” into “Let it Brie.”

The spreadMy favorite was my masterpiece, “Lucy in the Pie with Diamonds.” It was a Meyer Lemon cream pie, with a graham cracker and almond crust. It had a Marshmallow Meringue top, just like in the song. I generously sprinkled the pie with magic gold dust.

I was also proud of the “Birthday” cake- A chocolate Peanut Butter creation that I think the Smitten and Caroline might recognize. In my next post, I ‘ll divulge some of the recipes, the process, and EEK! my near kitchen disaster. It wasn’t a disaster, but a few of the dishes didn’t make it to the table.

Mr. Radar blew out the candles in one go!

Our friends are festive, what can I say?! I notice the lovely ladies of South Park all chose the Harrison stache except for Teresa? Hmmm….

Our family. Mr. Bee forgot his costume. Maybe I’ll shame him into wearing one next time. Special thanks to Mama Bee, who was my major accomplice in throwing this wonderful party. Mama Bee helped me plan, prepare, clean and paint! the house for this party. Thank you, Mama Bee. I know Mr. Radar loved it.


Stay tuned for the next installment!


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