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A Very English Birthday

Mr. Radar left for London at the end of September. I was very sad. He’ll be gone for all of October, inconveniently missing my birthday. Obviously, I thought it was a plot to miss my birthday and thus get out of party planning.  I pouted a bit (okay, a lot) and complained that he was so rarely home. He just came back from Greece, after all. And he was going to leave me home alone, with just the dog to protect me from our heathen black cat.

And then I found out about the surprise. Mr. Radar is a terrible secret keeper: he bought me tickets to visit him in London. He wanted me to come out for the entire month, but how could I abandon Thistle? So I went to England for two weeks instead. And it was glorious. I’ve got lots of pictures this time and I’m so excited to share the details of our trip with you.

I should mention that Mr. Radar is in England to take his Viva examination at University College London. The Viva is the English equivalent of the American comprehensive examination for a PHD. On October 17, he passed. There was much celebration involved. Congratulations to Mr. Radar- who is well on his way to becoming Dr. Radar. Here he is at the Natural History Museum with Charles Darwin. (He did not want to pose for this picture, and it took a bit of cajoling to get him to agree to this- and any other picture that I wanted to take with him in it).

Queen Mary’s Garden, in Regent’s Park is one of our favorite places. The roses are still in bloom!

We also took a jaunt over to Salisbury, where Mr. Radar gave a talk. I frolicked at Stonehenge and the Cathedral while Mr. Radar worked.

More on our trip later! I can’t wait to share my favorite London eats, our favorite sights, and tell you all about our mini-trip to Salisbury.



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Coming Up Plaid

The autumn leaves are starting to turn here in Dayton. It’s my favorite time of year. My favorite month of the year! October. I rejoice every time it gets here. Its my birthday month, and I think the most beautiful month of the whole year. From afar, the landscape seems to be a woven plaid of rich oranges, reds, yellows and browns. Ordinarily, Mr. Radar and I would hike extra, enjoying the cooler weather and beautiful scenery.

But this year, he is in soggy London. I’ll be joining him for a bit later in the month, but until then I’ve been busying myself with orders.

Plaid sugar cookies, inspired by the Fraser family tartan. (Though I know the whole tartan/clan relationships were largely manufactured to drum up tourism, I still like it!) These were a custom order and I’m extremely proud of them.  Here’s a look at the other cookie design that was part of this order:

I’ve been making a ton! of granola, too. As well as shortbread, figgy darlings and custom jams. Needless to say, I’ve been a bit busy since Mr. Radar has been away.


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