About Hilary

Self-taught baker with a passion for community development, music and social justice. I started my working life as a journalist- ever on the search for more information, more knowledge, more skills.  After graduate school, I took a job as a government analyst. I took my passion for baking to the next level with a small bakery in Dayton, Thistle Confections, which I owned for four years. I have since re-entered public service. This blog is my opportunity to geek out over food and baking.

Photograph courtesy of Nicole Hodac, the official photographer of Thistle Confections.


5 responses to “About Hilary

  1. Carol Addona


    Aunt Ginny told me about your website. It is great and you have done a lot of hard work. Congratulations and best of luck.

    Aunt Carol

  2. HaQuyen

    Haven’t checked your blog in awhile, Hilary, but love the new layout (and you look amazing, of course)! My vegetarian baker-extraordinaire roomie Mary has fallen in love with the recipes you feature, since I couldn’t help showing you off 🙂

    Be well!


  3. Andrea

    I second HaQuyen and can’t wait to give some of your recipes a try!


  4. amyc

    found your Quinoa Kale Quiche recipe on Food 52 and LOVED it. My 4-year old gobbled it up. Thank you for such a healthy dinner option!

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