New Logo!

Our logo is finally here!! I am so thrilled, I can hardly contain myself. Before I unveil it, I would like to thank the lovely, talented Mary Lynch for this design. Mary is talented, right? In real life, she’s a graphic designer turned occupational therapist. Her patients and her friends are the luckiest. Thank you for creating this new logo for me, agreeing to do the banner for this website and the online shop. (Look for those changes very soon!) We can’t wait for the full design to be finished.  We want to get some clothes on this naked website! But for now, here she is:

Wow, right?! Right?! Let me hear some enthusiasm for Thistle’s new design! Mary, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Thistle Confections would not be running without your beautiful design. Mary believed in me and my small little business from the get go. SOME people thought I was crazy. Not Mary. She graciously created this logo **gulp** for free. Because she is the best. Important life lesson: friends are the best assets in life. Mary, I’m not sure I can ever thank you enough.


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