Green Power Smoothie

Another day, another battle about Mr. Radar’s breakfast. He still prefers his breakfast in liquid form–often drinking flavored Kefir from Trader Joe’s. I have no problem with this, per se, but I’d rather make him a homemade smoothie. I wanted to incorporate kale, but I still wanted it to taste like a creamy smoothie.  So I threw in a banana, an apple, along with the soy milk and almond butter that I always put in smoothie.  The resultant smoothie has a gentle banana flavor, with a hint of almond and vanilla.

Green Power Smoothie

Inspired by Joy the Baker and  The Kitchn

Yields two small smoothies


1 apple, peeled and cored

1 banana, frozen is best, fresh is fine too

1 cup chopped kale (about a large handful or two large leaves)

1 cup Vanilla Soy Milk (I use Unsweetened Vanilla by WestSoy)

1 tablespoon Almond Butter

1 teaspoon of Raw Honey

Handful of Ice

(1) Combine all ingredients in a blender. Pulse for a few moments to mix everything up, then blend on high for 20-30 seconds.



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4 responses to “Green Power Smoothie

  1. That looks fantastic, i thought it would be green! Maybe i should get into having smoothies more often! The kale is a fantastically healthy addition! c

  2. Smoothies are a staple around here. Last year we made a big time splurge and bought a Blendtech blender, and it’s amazing how silky smooth it can make anything–kale, carrots, celery, nuts. I love to put kale in our smoothies, but you’re right, you don’t want it to be overwhelming. I love pineapple, blueberry, yogurt, and lemon with mine. We also save all of our broccoli stalks, wash them, chop them, and freeze them for smoothies too.

    • Never thought about broccoli stalks! Great tip. I usually shred them to make slaw. Will try in smoothies when I get more.

      I limped along with an Osterizer for years. But I got a Waring Pro a while back, which I like a lot. It’s more soda shop style than smoothie style so it gets a bit grumpy with all the nuts I like. But that’s to be expected.

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