Coming Up Plaid

The autumn leaves are starting to turn here in Dayton. It’s my favorite time of year. My favorite month of the year! October. I rejoice every time it gets here. Its my birthday month, and I think the most beautiful month of the whole year. From afar, the landscape seems to be a woven plaid of rich oranges, reds, yellows and browns. Ordinarily, Mr. Radar and I would hike extra, enjoying the cooler weather and beautiful scenery.

But this year, he is in soggy London. I’ll be joining him for a bit later in the month, but until then I’ve been busying myself with orders.

Plaid sugar cookies, inspired by the Fraser family tartan. (Though I know the whole tartan/clan relationships were largely manufactured to drum up tourism, I still like it!) These were a custom order and I’m extremely proud of them.  Here’s a look at the other cookie design that was part of this order:

I’ve been making a ton! of granola, too. As well as shortbread, figgy darlings and custom jams. Needless to say, I’ve been a bit busy since Mr. Radar has been away.



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11 responses to “Coming Up Plaid

  1. Love your plaid cookies…I suck at cookie decorating. So glad the world has people like you to decorate and make things pretty!

  2. I got my Christmas cake baked. It is now on the counter to be fed thrice weekly until Christmas..Then It will get Marzipan and royal icing. It is such a treat. It came from my cousins in England. I do not decorate it though beyond the royal icing… I believe the English do though. If you would like the recipe let me know.

  3. Oh completely gorgeous, i love the moon, you have some lucky clients c

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