RIQ: Harry Potter Edition

In continued celebration of the man with the lightening scar, here are some amazing treats. I am in awe of these bloggers- these ideas are so creative! Some are straight out of the books, others are homages to the wizarding world. A slight word of caution: this post is heavy on the dessert, low in health food.

5. Cauldron Cakes

via the Pastry Affair

What did I tell you! Simply magical!! Click on over to the Pastry Affair to get the recipe and how to.  There is some seriously amazing goodie’s on Kristin’s blog- so don’t miss out!

4. Pasties

via Diamonds for Dessert

Diamonds for Dessert has recipes for both Cornish and Pumpkin pasties, a Hogwarts must. Talk about thorough! Check out some of her other Harry Potter inspired recipes!

3. Butterbeer Cupcakes

via Amy Bites

Buttery, butterscotchy cake with butterscotch buttercream? Count me in.  Click on over to Amy Bites.

2. Harry, Ron & Hermione Cookies

via Bake at 350

Get the whole tutorial and some other great ideas over at Bake at 350. (Did I mention that Bridget is pretty much my sugar cookie hero? LOVE her blog!)

1. Butterbeer

via Bakingdom

I’m with Darla on this one. I chose her recipe largely because it does not contain clarified butter. I LOVE butter and I felt weird about pouring it into my soda. So I went with Darla’s advice and used imitation butter flavoring. All things in moderation, and I think it really makes the difference here.

And if you still haven’t had enough, check out some of these great ideas over at the Leaky Cauldron, the official location of all Harry Potterdom. (Yes, I’m a member. I told you I was obsessed!)


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