Aberforth’s Pumpkin Juice

I don’t need to tell you that Harry Potter and the Deathly  Hallows Part 2 comes to theaters this weekend. I’m a HUGE fan, and I’ve maybe dressed up as Hermione for Halloween once or twice.

Me as Hermione, Halloween 2009

And maybe, just maybe, I’ve forced Mr. Radar to go along with it.

Mr. Radar as Harry Potter. Not bad, right?

In celebration, I’ve whipped up a few recipes and have a complete Harry Potter Recipe Instant Queue for you tomorrow. I did quite a bit of research regarding the pumpkin juice. In the movies, the pumpkin juice has a translucent, bright orange appearance- almost like thick orange Kool Aid. But I wanted to use real pumpkin and use natural sweetener- pumpkin is healthy after all, and I think it should stay that way. I researched the Leaky Cauldron forums and searched Mugglenet, but nothing struck my fancy. I dedicate my interpretation to the Hog’s Head and its publican, the under appreciated Aberforth.

Aberforth’s Pumpkin Juice

1 cup pureed pumpkin (unsweetened!)

4 cups Apple Cider

2 teaspoons honey ( more or less to taste).

1/2-1 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice (I make my own- I use a combination of Cinnamon, Ground Ginger, Nutmeg, and Allspice). You decide how much spice you like. I liked less, the apple cider has a distinct flavor, and I didn’t want to interfere.

1 cup Club Soda

Combine the pumpkin, apple cider, honey, and spices into a blender. Pulse 5-6 times, about 5 seconds each. (If you have a small blender like me, simply divide the recipe in half and then combine the two batches. It worked for me!) The blender combines all the ingredients and thin out the pumpkin, eliminating the need to strain.  Chill until ready to serve. Top with club soda- this makes the drink mildly fizzy and pleasant. Giver it a good stir, to prevent the pumpkin mixture from sinking to the bottom.

To me, the drink tastes distinctly like fall. I really like that. But, as it is July, check out Mugglenet’s version for Rosmerta, which has pineapple juice instead.


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  1. Awesome! I’m so stoked for the midnight show.

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