RIQ: Nostalgic Fourth

The 4th of July is a nostalgic summer holiday. At least it is for me. I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite 4th of July memories, and recipes that would best represent them. Five recipes, five memories.

5. Firework Cookies

Martha's Fireworks cookies

I grew up on a small cul de sac, and in the summer all of the kids would play in the street. We’d bounce from house to house, sampling the food offerings. My mom always had Kool-Aid and sandwiches. I loved to sneak across the street, where our neighbors always had the soft Lighthouse cookies that I loved. These sugar cookies are a more sophisticated replica and have a beautiful Americana feel.

4. Yesterdog Hotdogs

Yesterdog featured on SeriousEats

The summer before college, a group of us met at Yesterdog before the display was held. I remember how happy I was, ready to head to college, bursting with energy and pride.  That happy high forever linked with Yesterdog.

3.Strawberry and Lemon Verbena Summer Drink

from Maria Teresa Jorge, via Food52

Kool-Aid is quintessential summer and I want to remember it that way. I always loved the “Pink Swimmingo” kind. I loved it, begged for it whenever my mom went to the grocery store. Maria Teresa Jorge’s fizzy pink drink is the perfect substitution. I added gin (Maria suggests rum) when I tested the recipe and it was perfection.

2. Flag Cake

Ina Garten's classic

Must have flag cake. The one of my childhood generally involved jello and Cool Whip, so this is a vast improvement. You could go with a cool reinvention of the classic, like this one from Baked Bree or this one from 17andBaking. But I like Ina’s. It’s homey. And it has lots of cream cheese. Win-Win.

1. Sour Cherry Slab Pie

Deb's Sour Cherry Slab Pie

Being from Michigan, Sour Cherries are our thing.  Except we call them Tart Cherries. There is a big Cherry festival in Traverse City, generally near the 4th of July. Because what better way to celebrate Michigan’s proud fruit than to have a festival?  And this cherry pie is portable. Handheld, even. Perfection. Once again, Deb is the master.



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3 responses to “RIQ: Nostalgic Fourth

  1. What a great roundup. That flag cake is really pretty. I’m used to seeing strawberries on one, and those aren’t in season anymore here.

  2. Thank you! I like Raspberries on the flag cake, personally, which is why I chose this recipe. I think strawberries get a bit runny and bleed into the white.

  3. The cookies are fantastic and the cherry pie looks like a “must have”

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