London Calling

You may have noticed that I was missing. That is because Mr. Radar took me to London. He worked. I did not.  I enjoyed all of the major sights, imbibed a fair deal, and generally just enjoyed my time off. We also had a brief stay on Hayling Island, a little island near Portsmouth known for its sailing and congenial residents. Mr. Radar’s friend James was so generous in inviting us to his weekend getaway. Thank you, James! I know you are likely reading this and I hope you received the jam. (Her Majesty’s Royal mail is very confusing!)

Here are just a few snaps from my iPhone. These are my favorite memories. Quirky, I know. But that’s good, right?

Call the Doctor!

The Tardis chilling out in a dark corner. I was introduced to Doctor Who by Professor Kelly Johnson at a party a few years ago. Now that the 11th Doctor is streaming on Netflix, I’m an addict. But I must confess, River Song really confuses me.

Dale Chihuly

Chihuly sculpture at the Victoria & Albert museum. My favorite museum, and this is a fantastic sculpture. I love the contrast between the modern glass and traditional marble colonnade.  For reference, this sculpture is 30 feet high.

Her Majesty's Black Swan

At St. James Park, Her Majesty has an amazing collection of birds, both local and exotic. There’s a 4 ft pelican (he got very angry when I tried to take his picture!) and many other delightful birds. The landscaping is so beautiful. A truly lovely garden and a must see cut through to Buckingham Palace. Make sure to treat yourself to a cone with flake. (yes, flake).

HMS Victory

After the US Revolution, the Brits were very busy crushing Napoleon. The HMS Victory was commanded by Admiral Horatio Nelson. You may have read about him? His victory at Trafalgar is legendary. (He also had one arm and one eye, see the monty python sketch).The Trafalgar campaign, as it is known,  has its own holiday and its very own (giant!) square in London. And this is the ship. She is very beautiful and enjoys a seat of honor in Portsmouth harbor.

Savory Maple Burgers with English Cheddar, Bramley Apples and Streaky Rashers.

At Hayling Island, I was pressed into service.  American style hamburgers, sweet potato chips (fries) and a little salad.

I also made scones. Rye & Strawberry this time, served with an insane amount of very delicious Devon Cream.



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2 responses to “London Calling

  1. My wife and I love The Doctor. Great photos. Looks like quite a trip!

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