RIQ: Strawberries

Did I not promise a Recipe Instant Queue devoted to strawberries? Eat your heart out.

5. Strawberry Focaccia

From Saveur

You might think I bonked my head.  Last week I suggested grilled salad and this week its strawberry pizza. But I love strawberries in a savory application.

4. Strawberry Pineapple Crumble

Joy the Baker's crumble

Pineapples and strawberries, best friends in a fruit salad but rarely seen together otherwise.  Joy the Baker has changed all that. Take this to your next potluck and  you’ll have legions of fans. Just ask Joy.

3. NOLA Style Shortcake

Ezra Pound Cake's New Orleans style Strawberry Shortcake

Yes, please. Technically this is called Ponchatoula Strawberry and Brown Butter cake. It’s a mouthful in the best way possible.

2. Strawberry and Poppy Seed Muffins

from fresh365

I hate muffins. Truly.  We all have our quirks, just generally not broadcasted over the internet. Muffins bother me in an inexplicable way. But these could be the ones that turn me over to the muffin dark side. (Mr. Radar is now going to demand these, I know. He always wants muffins and I always refuse to make them).   Take a gander over to fresh365. I recently discovered the site, and wow!

1. Gluten free and Nut!! Free Cupcakes

From Elana's Pantry

I have several friends that are gluten free for health reasons. I am NOT gluten free for health reasons, mainly due to my allergies to most nuts. I’m allergic to nearly all tree nuts except for almonds and hazelnuts, and I usually have to blanch those nuts before eating to remove any contamination acquired during processing. It isn’t a big deal to me and I continue to make Thistle’s granola by using gloves and utilizing a taste-tester, usually Mr. Radar or an unsuspecting passerby.

This recipe? A winner for the GF and nut-free camps. No outside taste tester needed. Elana has a number of wonderful GF books, in case you are interested.


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One response to “RIQ: Strawberries

  1. The focaccia looks simply amazing and I like how it seems more savory than others I’ve seen. Stunning photos. I didn’t know NOLA had it’s own style of shortcake, but they know how to make about everything else so it shouldn’t surprise me.

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