Recipe Instant Queue: Pesto Edition

Pesto and I have history. For every birthday, I would request pesto with homemade pasta, lovingly made for me by my mother. Every year she would ask if I wanted the Cocola family “meaty” sauce and I always refused. Only pesto. It was the one for me. When I first met Mr. Radar, he would not go on a date with me, but like pesto, I was convinced he was the one. So I seduced him, wielding my pesto and homemade pasta recipe. And we all know how that went =) Pesto has worked out pretty well for me thus far, so the more recipes the merrier.

5. Stinging Nettle Pesto

This both intrigues me and freaks me out. I hate stinging nettles, and they are the first weed to be abolished from my garden. But stinging nettles are everywhere, and this could be a budget friendly idea for the adventurous eater. From the Amateur Gourmet

After gloves, a little boiling, the stinging nettles become pesto

4.Fennel Frond Pesto from In The Kitchen With A Good Appetite

I like the fronds of fennel better than the bulb. So useful!

I love Melissa Clark’s new cookbook, In the Kitchen with a Good AppetiteI wanted it since Christmas, but when our local Borders went out of business in March, I snatched up a copy for $7.99. Practically criminal, especially considering how high quality this book is.

3. Red Pesto & Ravioli


I love Heidi Swanson. Her blog is one of my absolute favorites, one that I started following many years ago. I’ve been meaning to try this for years, and haven’t yet. Maybe this weekend!

2. Wild Ramp Pesto

saenyc's Ramp Pesto is a stunner

I have tried this one. I first saw this last year.  Mike Malone of Hungry Toad Farms gave me a bunch of ramps last year. So I made this pesto. And IT IS TO DIE FOR. Go get yourself some ramps and make this, seriously.

1. Pasta with Mint Pesto, Peas and Ricotta Salata

Sara Kate Gillingam-Ryan's Understated Dish

Because of all the rain we’ve been having, mint is abundant. Mine is practically going wild. My plan: this pesto.


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