Announcing Our Etsy Shop!

I am so pleased to announce that our Etsy shop has finally opened! I’ll be adding more and more listings through this week, so keep checking back to see what goodies are available.  We had another photoshoot with Hodac Photography on Sunday, so here are a few photos from our shoot. You might just find these tasty items on our Etsy Shop =)

Amaretti Biscotti, ready for dipping

My friend and customer Kelly requested Biscotti. This is the first of three recipes I’m introducing. Look for my Mexican Hot Chocolate and Double Chocolate Pistachio versions later.

Cocoa & Sea Salt Short bread with Vanilla Bean Marshmallow

Our delicious Cocoa & Sea Salt shortbread. Wonderfully chocolatey and sweet, with a hint of sea salt and a surprise dash of black pepper.

Lemon Lover's Shortbread

I created this recipe specifically for my mother-in-law (Mama Bee), Kathy. She has a love of all things lemon, and is extremely fond of shortbread.  Lemony on the inside, with sparkling lemon sugar on top.

Honey Almond granola. Extremely delicious, with no extra sweeteners, fillers, or fats. I use Honey, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Almonds and Oats.



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