FAQs: Mr. Radar Edition

It seems many readers are more interested in Mr. Radar than tasty baked goods. My site stats tell me that “Mr. Radar” is as frequently googled as “Thistle Confections.” So I guess you really like Mr. Radar? Mr. Radar is the patron saint of this blog and was a chief topic on my last blog, Hilary Bee. It occurs to me that I’ve never addressed certain misnomers and questions regarding Mr. Radar (on my new site or old), so let’s clear them up, shall we?

5. Why Do You Call Him Mr. Radar?

This one is courtesy of Nicole Hodac, our lovely and wonderful photographer. The answer is simple. Mr. Radar is a research engineer and he studies radar. I know you were thinking it was something sinister, potentially related to the movie Space Balls. But no. Mr. Radar truly studies radar technologies and he tries to fix problems that occur with radar.

4. Does Mr. Radar “approve” All Recipes and Thistle Products?

Tough question! Yes and no. Mr. Radar tastes everything that I make in my home kitchen and tastes every Thistle Product while it is in development. Mr. Radar has requested certain products- namely granola and Muesli, and I try to make his requests a reality. When I am testing recipes to post on the blog, Mr. Radar does try what I make, often multiple versions on the same day! He frequently takes his treats to work for his mathy friends to enjoy.  I sometimes invite over our mutual friend and math whiz, Steve the Weather Watcher. I prod him with questions like, “do you like version A or version B?” Steve just laughs and eats his cookies.

3. Is Mr. Radar Your Dad?

A particularly strange question. I think I’ve been pretty clear- Mr. Radar is my husband. This question was asked on Twitter, so perhaps peeps in the Twitterverse are new to the blog or haven’t read my bio. (I’m pretty boring, so that is understandable).  I’m not sure that I’ve referenced my dad that often, but he doesn’t have an alias on the blog. He’s just my dad. Mr. Radar’s parents are known as Mama Bee and Mr. Bee respectively to protect their identities. (With a daughter in law like me, identity protection is probably recommended).

2. Is Mr. Radar a Spy?

If I said yes would you believe me? If I said no would you believe me? Maybe I don’t know if Mr. Radar is a spy or not? So I guess the answer to this question is no comment. Alternately: Would you like some tin foil?

Mr. Radar and Rental Car circa 2008. Likely a Kia compact.

1. Where in the World is Mr. Radar?

The most frequently asked question by me and you! Mr. Radar travels a lot and has been to some really awesome locales for work. He frequently travels to Europe, London being the most frequent destination. Currently, Mr. Radar is in Boston. He said he would bring me back some beans, but I declined. I asked him to bring me back Flour Bakery and he declined. Such is life.


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