Link Love: Awsomeness Elsewhere

While I’m working away on our new brochures, advertisements, and labels- here are some really awesome links and products elsewhere on the internets.

5. Etsy & NASA Spacecraft Contest
Science and Art? YES! Mr. Radar approves! Check out this awesome celestial wedding band, complete with sun, moon, stars and inner planets. BEYOND AWESOME. Visit Etsy to see the other amazing creations.

Brother Sun Sister Moon Ring by Patrick Burt

Get this amazing ring on Etsy from Patrick Burt’s shop for $825.

4. James Beard Award  Nominations

If you are not obsessed with professionally cookery- ignore this one. JB Award is one of the most sought after and important awards in food service. I’m particularly interested in the Cookbook and pastry categories. Check out the James Beard cookbook wishlist on There are quite a few books on the list that I either (a) own or (b) really, really want.  In the latter category, Kim Boyce’s lovely Good to the Grain.

Good to the Grain

3.  7 Women who Turned Food into a Great Career.

Via Oprah Magazine. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Oprah- but featuring food entrepreneurs, with a focus on organic, local, and health conscience products thrills me! Maybe one day I’ll be like these lovely ladies.

2. Tuscan Fantasy Meals

On delicious Tuscan menu to transport you to Italy.

Fried Baby Artichokes on

Mr. Radar and I have a love of Lucca, the beautiful walled city. It’s quiet, scenic, and not quite as popular as nearby Sienna. We like that about Lucca. I plan to make a custom Easter menu, an ode to Tuscany. I hope it will remind us of our very favorite place.

1. Hydrangea Cake for the start of Spring!


Check it out over at I am Baker !



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8 responses to “Link Love: Awsomeness Elsewhere

  1. Renea

    That is a ….spectacular ring. I have never seen anything like it. Stunning

  2. Caroline

    I have “Good to the Grain” and looooove it. Well, I’m pretty sure I do. I haven’t actually baked out of yet, mostly because I’ve had a pickle of a time tracking down all the different flours locally. I might have to resort to going online, but for the recipes in this beauty, so worth it.

    Also, that cake is awesomeness squared. LOVE IT!

  3. Renea, the ring is amazing, isn’t it. If you go to the website, Patrick Bert talks about his years long journey to creating it.

    @Caroline, I just got good to the grain last week. It unfortunately came at the same time as Flour: Splendid Recipes… so yeah. I’m pretty lucky. We have great health food stores here in Dayton, and I’m able to source Bob’s Red Mill and Arrowhead Flour pretty easily. The only flour I can’t find is Amaranth- which is a shame, because I think some of those recipes look the best.

    I’m making the spelt foccacia this weekend, I hope. I have another photoshoot- so recipe testing is pretty much out the window until it is over.

  4. Renea

    You can’t find amaranth there? We must have it here. This is hippyville. 🙂
    Would you like me to check around?

    Our newspaper ran an article about that book.


  5. Thanks for the offer, Renea. One of my local grocers (Dorothy Lane Market) is willing to order it for me. They are awesome like that.

  6. Renea

    Your verra welcome.
    It looks like you are having so much fun!

    Have you ever made Empire Biscuits? Divine! ….They were posted on a Scottish page I visit.
    maybe they were a New Years treat.
    I made some and thought I was in heaven……short bread, raspberry jam sandwiched and glaze over the top. Making them pretty was not as easy for me…but you seem to have quite
    an artistic skill.

  7. I will give the Empire Biscuits a look and add them to my “to bake” queue. Thank you, I work at baking just like anything else. But I really do love it, and when I’m baking it never seems stressful or difficult. It’s just happiness.

  8. Renea

    I lOVE to bake/create but I do NOT love to decorate. I was not available when that creative Gene was being handed out. 🙂

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