Thistle Update!

I think I owe you all an update on Thistle Confections! I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails lately regarding Thistle. Most of them confused. I am sorry that I have confused you.  So I’ll try to answer those questions right now. First, let me say THANK YOU! for supporting me as I open my new business. I have greatly appreciated all of your love and support. I am working hard to get Thistle running 100% and operating to its full potential while maintaining my current client base.

Mango Madness Granola from Sunday's photoshoot

What I’ve Have Been Up To Lately: For the last two weeks, I have been testing new products, slowly upgrading the website, brochures, and ordering information. I have been searching for a commercial kitchen to rent- so that I can continue to expand Thistle’s product line. I have been designing new packaging, researching eco-friendly options for products, and meeting with potential clients. Last week, I was contacted by Fox 45/ABC22. THEY WANT ME TO BE ON TV. So in April, you will see me on TV. More details on that later. Last Sunday, Thistle Confections had its first photo shoot with Hodac Photography. Take a look at some of the shots. Delicious, right?

Figgy Darlings

Questions From You

Q: Where is Thistle?

A: We are a home-based bakery located in the Historic South Park neighborhood of Dayton, OH.  We do not have a store front right now, but we hope to have one in the future! Currently, you can buy our products at Ohio Coffee Company and PRESS Coffee Bar. In late April, we will have retail space at Ghostlight Coffee Shop.

Q: Where is that new brochure you promised us?

A: It is coming! I should have it complete and ready for download by the end of this week.

Q: Do you have an online shop?

A: We will be selling on Etsy very soon. Hopefully within the next two weeks. We hoped that the new logo, graphics, pictures, website, and Etsy shop would all be ready at the same time. But good marketing takes time- so we continue to be a work in progress!


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  1. Renea

    Those pictures are wonderful! You are on your way and Verra busy it looks like.

    beannachd !

    Renea 🙂

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